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Discover the transformative power of our communication training workshops, led by a dynamic team of seasoned experts who excel in delivering unparalleled results. With a collective wealth of experience, each team member is dedicated to excellence, holding the prestigious Maxwell Certification in Training—a testament to our commitment to mastering impactful communication and leadership. Our workshops go beyond the ordinary, infused with the unique perspectives of former television reporters and corporate trainers, ensuring practical insights that resonate in the public eye and address the challenges of the corporate landscape. We are not just trainers; we are your partners in unlocking the full potential of effective communication and leadership development. Trust in our proven track record and diverse skill set to propel your workshops to extraordinary success.

Leadership Influence Unleashed: A Mastery Workshop (Becoming a Person of Influence, John Maxwell)


Leadership Influence Unleashed: A Mastery Workshop
(Becoming a Person of Influence, John Maxwell)

Dive into a transformative journey with our workshop, “Becoming a Person of Influence,” inspired by John Maxwell’s renowned book. This dynamic course is designed for leaders seeking substantial growth in their ability to influence and inspire others positively. Throughout the workshop, participants will delve into the key principles of influence, as outlined in the Influence Insights sessions, covering Integrity, Nurturing, Faith, Listening, and Understanding with People. The subsequent Enlarging, Navigating, and Connecting with People sessions further expand the toolkit for effective leadership influence. The workshop culminates in sessions on Empowering Others and Reproducing Others, empowering leaders to multiply their impact.


Enhance Influence Inventory: Conduct a thorough influence inventory to identify and understand current strengths and areas for improvement.
Integrate Core Influence Principles: Internalize the core principles of influence, including Integrity, Nurturing, Faith, Listening, Understanding, Enlarging, Navigating, Connecting, Empowering, and Reproducing.
Apply Practical Insights: Gain practical insights into applying influence principles in various leadership scenarios.
Strengthen Leadership Skills: Develop and strengthen leadership skills related to influencing and empowering others.

Key Takeaways:

Increased self-awareness and understanding of personal influence capabilities.
Deepened knowledge and application of the 10 core influence principles.
Practical insights for applying influence principles in leadership scenarios.
Strengthened leadership skills for effective influence and empowerment.
Unlock the secrets to becoming a person of influence and elevate your leadership journey with practical strategies inspired by John Maxwell’s timeless wisdom.


Leadership Evolution Workshop: Transforming Managers into Inspiring Leaders (Leadership Gold, John Maxwell)


Leadership Evolution Workshop: Transforming Managers into Inspiring Leaders
(Leadership Gold, John Maxwell)

Unlock the potential of effective leadership with our workshop designed to bridge the gap between management and leadership. It’s often said that while people join organizations, they leave their managers. Recognizing the critical role of leadership in organizational success, we facilitate this workshop to empower your managers to evolve into inspiring leaders. Through discussions on key leadership principles and actionable strategies to foster the growth of your direct reports, this training is tailored for those seeking to cultivate a positive team atmosphere, enhance productivity, reduce turnover, and foster trust between leaders and their teams.


Cultivate Leadership Distinction: Understand the distinction between management and leadership, equipping managers with the skills to evolve into effective leaders.
Foster Team Positivity: Develop strategies to build and sustain a positive team atmosphere, fostering a collaborative and motivated work environment.
Boost Productivity: Implement leadership practices that contribute to increased productivity and overall team effectiveness.
Decrease Turnover: Identify and address factors contributing to turnover, creating a workplace that retains valuable talent.
Build Trust: Learn techniques to establish and enhance trust between leaders and their teams, promoting open communication and collaboration.


Enhanced leadership skills for managers transitioning into effective leaders.
Strategies for fostering a positive team atmosphere and improving productivity.
Insights into reducing turnover through effective leadership practices.
Techniques to build and strengthen trust between leaders and their teams.


  1. If It’s Lonely at the Top, You’re Not Doing Something Right
  2. The Toughest Person to Lead is Always Yourself
  3. Defining Moments Define Your Leadership
  4. When You Get Kicked in the Rear, You Know You’re Out in Front
  5. Never Work a Day in Your Life
  6. The Best Leaders Are Listeners
  7. Get in the Zone and Stay There
  8. A Leader’s First Responsibility Is to Define Reality
  9. To See How the Leader Is Doing, Look at the People
  10. Don’t Send Your Ducks to Eagle School
  11. Keep Your Mind on the Main Thing
  12. Your Biggest Mistake Is Not Asking What Mistake You’re Making
  13. Don’t Manage Your Time – Manage Your Life
  14. Keep Learning to Keep Leading
  15. Leaders Distinguish Themselves During Tough Times
  16. People Quit People, Not Companies
  17. Experience Is Not the Best Teacher
  18. The Secret to a Good Meeting Is the Meeting Before the Meeting
  19. Be a Connector, Not Just a Climber
  20. The Choices You Make, Make You
  21. Influence Should Be Loaned but Never Given
  22. For Everything You Gain, You Give Up Something
  23. Those Who Start the Journey with you Seldom Finish With You
  24. Few Leaders Are Successful Unless a Lot of People Want Them to Be
  25. You Only Get Answers to the Questions You Ask
  26. People Will Summarize Your Life in One


Peak Performance Intelligence: Igniting Success


Peak Performance Intelligence: Igniting Success

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and interpersonal connection with our highly interactive course. This workshop is designed to deepen individuals’ understanding of themselves and their relationships with others, fostering harmony, productivity, and effectiveness in both personal and professional spheres. By delving into key areas such as self-understanding, career development, team-building, interpersonal communication, and diversity training, participants will enhance their knowledge and skills, paving the way for improved interactions with diverse individuals and groups.

Unlock your potential by taking our transformative workshop! This highly interactive course delves deep into self-discovery and interpersonal connection, enhancing personal and professional relationships. Gain essential skills in self-understanding, effective communication, team-building, and conflict resolution. Navigate diverse environments with confidence and develop leadership and management expertise. This workshop empowers you to thrive in a dynamic work environment, fostering adaptability and resilience to change. Invest in your growth, contribute to a positive workplace, and elevate your overall effectiveness. Join us for a journey of self-improvement and collaborative success!


Self-Understanding & Development:
Enhance self-awareness and personal development for improved decision-making and effectiveness.

Career and Organizational Development:
Gain insights into career paths and organizational dynamics, fostering professional growth.

Develop skills in building and sustaining effective teams for enhanced collaborative success.

Interpersonal Communication Mastery:
Improve communication skills crucial for fostering positive relationships in both personal and professional contexts.

Diversity & Multicultural Training:
Acquire tools and knowledge for navigating diverse environments, fostering inclusivity and understanding.

Management & Leadership Training:
Develop key management and leadership skills for effective organizational influence.

Coaching & Counseling Skills:
Learn essential coaching and counseling techniques to support personal and professional development.

Conflict Management Proficiency:
Acquire skills for managing and resolving conflicts, creating a harmonious and productive work environment.

Change Management Adaptability:
Cultivate adaptability and resilience in the face of organizational change.

Key Takeaways:

Participants will leave this course with:
Enhanced self-awareness and understanding.
Improved interpersonal communication skills.
Strategies for effective team-building and collaboration.
Proficiency in navigating diversity and multicultural environments.
Leadership and management skills for organizational impact.
Conflict resolution abilities to foster a harmonious work environment.


Explanation of Type-Theory and History:
Explore the foundational concepts of type-theory and its historical context.

Taking the MBTI:
Engage in the process of taking the MBTI assessment to identify personal preferences.

Verification of Type:
Validate MBTI results through self-estimation, reported type, and determining the “best fit” type.

Explanation and Verification of MBTI Results:
Understand and verify the significance of individual MBTI results.

Constructive Use of Differences:
Learn how to constructively leverage differences for enhanced collaboration and effectiveness.

Application of the MBTI: Team Building and Communication Activities:
Apply MBTI insights to real-world scenarios, focusing on team-building and communication activities for practical skill development.


Ethics Unleashed: Journey to Your Boundless Potential (The Power of One, John Maxwell)


Ethics Unleashed: Journey to Your Boundless Potential
(The Power of One, John Maxwell)

Embark on a transformative journey with our workshop, “The Power of Your Potential: Breaking Through Limits.” In this dynamic ethics guide, inspired by John Maxwell’s profound insights, we delve into the seventeen key capacities inherent in every individual. Whether it’s the way we think, relate to others, or the conscious choices we make in our attitudes and personal disciplines, each capacity is a powerful tool waiting to be harnessed. Our workshop takes you through a unique daily structure, featuring insightful case studies, summarizing principles, penetrating questions for evaluation, and practical points of application. It’s a comprehensive guide that empowers you to unlock your full potential and navigate ethical challenges with wisdom and integrity.

Unlock the boundless power within you with our workshop, “The Power of Your Potential: Breaking Through Limits.” John Maxwell’s profound exploration of seventeen key capacities forms the foundation of this transformative ethics guide. Whether you’re born with certain capacities or make conscious choices, all are expandable, waiting for you to tap into their potential. Each day of this workshop is a rich tapestry of case studies, summarizing principles, penetrating questions, and actionable points of application. It’s not just a guide; it’s a roadmap to help you navigate any ethical situation with confidence and integrity. Elevate your potential and break through your limits with this empowering journey.


Capacity Identification:
Identify and understand the seventeen key capacities inherent in every individual.

Conscious Choice Awareness:
Recognize the conscious choices, including attitudes and personal disciplines, that impact ethical decision-making.

Capacity Expansion:
Explore strategies for expanding and harnessing each key capacity for personal and ethical growth.

Ethical Decision-Making Skills:
Develop skills for making ethical decisions in various situations.

Wisdom and Integrity Integration:
Integrate wisdom and integrity into your decision-making process.

Key Takeaways:

Participants will leave with:
A profound understanding of the seventeen key capacities within themselves.
Awareness of the conscious choices influencing ethical decision-making.
Strategies for expanding and harnessing each capacity for personal and ethical growth.
Enhanced skills for making ethical decisions in diverse situations.
Integration of wisdom and integrity into their overall decision-making process.


Session 1:
Why are ethics important?

  • Professional Q&A
  • “Change your Pocket” Thoughts

Session 2:
Discover the One Rule to Make Ethical Decisions

  • How do you rate yourself when it comes to ethics?
  • Why you and I should adopt the “Golden Rule”

Session 3:
The Golden Rule Begins with You – But Doesn’t End There

  • Professional Ethics: A company survey
  • Professional Ethics: A Teacher’s Survey

Session 4:

  • What the midas touch means
  • Gold versus the Golden Rule


Leadership Growth Summit: Navigating the 15 Invaluable Laws


Leadership Growth Summit: Navigating the 15 Invaluable Laws

Unleash your full potential with the “15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” workshop inspired by John Maxwell. This transformative course unveils the power of your potential, emphasizing the significance of personal growth and its impact on your life. Participants will embark on a journey to grow in awareness, gain profound insights into themselves, discover their passions, and align with their purpose. Guided by a Certified John Maxwell Leadership expert, this course introduces inspiring ideas and concepts that foster personal development, unlocking the pathways to greatness.


Promote Personal Growth Awareness: Cultivate a deep understanding of the importance of personal growth in unlocking one’s potential.
Self-Discovery: Gain insights into personal strengths, weaknesses, and unique qualities to foster a holistic understanding of oneself.
Passion Exploration: Discover and explore individual passions, connecting personal interests with purpose.
Purpose Alignment: Become more in touch with your life’s purpose, aligning actions and decisions with meaningful goals.
Inspiration and Concept Integration: Be inspired by new ideas and concepts that fuel personal growth and development.


Enhanced awareness of the pivotal role personal growth plays in unlocking one’s potential.
Deepened self-understanding, recognizing strengths, weaknesses, and unique qualities.
Discovery and exploration of personal passions, linking individual interests with purpose.
Alignment with life’s purpose, fostering a sense of direction and fulfillment.
Integration of inspiring ideas and concepts to fuel ongoing personal growth.


  1. The Law of Intentionality Growth doesn’t happen by chance. You must make it happen.
  2. The Law of Awareness Know yourself to grow yourself.
  3. The Law of the Mirror
  4. The Law of Reflection
  5. The Law of Consistency
  6. The Law of Environment
  7. The Law of Design
  8. The Law of Pain
  9. The Law of the Ladder
  10. The Law of the Rubber Band
  11. The Law of Trade-Offs
  12. The Law of Curiosity
  13. The Law of Modeling
  14. The Law of Expansion
  15. The Law of Contribution


Success Unleashed: A Journey to R.E.A.L. Mastery (R.E.A.L. Success, John Maxwell)


Success Unleashed: A Journey to R.E.A.L. Mastery
(R.E.A.L. Success, John Maxwell)

Success is: knowing your purpose in life; growing to your maximum potential; and sowing the seeds that benefit others. It is a rather simple recipe yet requires awareness, study, practice and mentoring to achieve To Become a R.E.A.L. Success—it is imperative to:

  • RELATE to others better as you understand relational rules. Adding value to people helps them to reach their full potential.
  • Recognizing and building on the leadership potential in those around you and applying teamwork laws will help you take others to a higher level by EQUIPPING them with the proper skill sets.
  • Improving your ATTITUDE through daily practices, understanding the affect your attitude has on you and those around you, and adopting an attitude that makes challenges easier to overcome is key to your success.
  • By emulating what successful leaders do to remain at the top, LEADING others successfully to where you have gone and beyond, and influencing others from the heart and not just the head is the remaining piece of the puzzle for R.E.A.L. success.


Relational Mastery: Enhance your ability to relate to others by understanding and applying relational rules, adding value to individuals, and facilitating their journey toward reaching their full potential.
Leadership Equipping: Recognize and harness the leadership potential in those around you. Apply teamwork laws to elevate others to a higher level by equipping them with the necessary skill sets for success.
Attitude Enhancement: Improve your attitude through daily practices, gaining insights into the impact your attitude has on yourself and those around you. Adopt an attitude that makes overcoming challenges more manageable, contributing to your overall success.
Leadership Influence: Emulate the practices of successful leaders to remain at the top. Lead others successfully to where you have gone and beyond, influencing from the heart rather than just the head. This final piece completes the puzzle for achieving R.E.A.L. success.


Enhanced relational skills for impactful connections.
Leadership strategies for equipping and empowering others.
Attitude transformation for overcoming challenges with resilience.
Influential leadership practices to guide others to success.


  • Relate
  • Equip
  • Attitude
  • Lead


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As my 42 plus year professional career winds to a close, I’ve transferred responsibility for delivering training to some of my most important clients to Kristan and she is consistently receiving the highest praise from them.

Butch Wardlaw, Vantage Human Resources

I enjoyed this course (Teamwork with DISC) it opened my eyes.

Janet W.

I have collaborated multiple times with Life’s Eyes Leadership. Their team balances real-world, practical experience with textbook understanding on a range of topics.

JAson Minser, WeGo Public Transit

I love working with Life’s Eyes Leadership’s trainers. They are great to work with. Highly skilled. Very personable and really adept at bring out our best.

Maureen Richmond, Bon Secours Mercy Health

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