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Expertise and Dedication

Our team in communications training, consulting, and leadership development is a collective force of seasoned experts, each equipped with extensive experience spanning many years. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the diverse backgrounds and expertise within our team, creating a powerhouse of knowledge.

Certified Mastery

A significant number of our team members hold the prestigious Maxwell Certification in Training, Speaking, and Coaching—an acknowledgment of their dedication to mastering the art and science of effective communication and leadership. This certification, named after the renowned John C. Maxwell, signifies our commitment to the highest standards in leadership education and development.

Diverse Perspectives and Practical Insights

Our roster includes former television reporters and seasoned corporate trainers, providing unique perspectives on communication in the public eye and practical insights into corporate challenges. This diverse tapestry of expertise goes beyond theoretical knowledge, incorporating real-world experiences into our workshops. We are not just trainers; we are partners in your journey to unlock the full potential of effective communication and leadership development.

Value Add Proposition

Invest beyond the workshop; embark on a transformative journey. Our value proposition focuses on delivering lasting impact, empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in the dynamic business environment. Experience a comprehensive approach that goes beyond the ordinary, offering continuous support, customization, engagement, and measurable results.

Step into the world of unparalleled expertise with Kristan Getsy, a luminous figure in communications training, consulting, and leadership development. Don’t be misled by her charming Southern accent—Kristan is the go-to authority for weaving cohesive teams through the art of communication. With a remarkable background as a TV reporter and two decades of entrepreneurial prowess, Kristan sparkles as an accomplished communications professional and subject matter expert.

Kristan’s journey is a tapestry of success, adorned with accolades from her forays into radio, television, and the pinnacle of entrepreneurship as the CEO of Life’s Eyes Media, an award-winning multi-media company. As the founder of Kristan Getsy Enterprises, she stands at the forefront of communications and leadership development, shaping transformative strategies for organizations seeking excellence.

Beyond her professional triumphs, Kristan embodies warmth as a friend to all, a captivating public speaker, a serial entrepreneur, a devoted wife and mother, and a prolific author currently working on multiple books, including the intriguing “The Cussing Christian.” Her commitment to impacting lives extends to adoption and growing non-profit organizations dedicated to special needs individuals and women in lower-socioeconomic environments. Kristan Getsy’s motto encapsulates her essence: “For the love of God, lead and communicate!” With Kristan, experience a beacon of inspiration, radiating brilliance in communication and leadership development.

In the realm of high-performance coaching, Cristian Martinez has forged a path of distinction over 5 years, orchestrating organizational triumphs and securing over 51 regional awards and 12 industry-leading accolades. With a military background spanning 21 years, Cristian seamlessly navigates government and private sector contracts, fostering robust communication, team collaboration, and leadership development.

Appointed Program Director for Maxwell Leadership in 2017, Cristian launched Leadership Legacy, a high-performance coaching organization serving diverse industries including Health, Wealth, and Relationships. With a portfolio boasting collaborations with entities like the Air Force, Boeing, and non-profit organizations, Cristian’s impact extends far and wide.

In various leadership roles such as Corporate Inspector General and Executive Vice President of Operations and Training, Cristian has demonstrated unwavering dedication to organizational success. Armed with an M.B.A in Healthcare Management and a B.S. in Technical Management, Cristian continues to drive transformation and shape leaders for a brighter future.

Jamie Hanssen Headshot
Jamie Hansen stands as the visionary founder of Alloy Solutions, a dynamic team of workplace relationship experts committed to nurturing thriving leaders, fostering cohesive teams, and driving organizational growth. With an extensive background spanning over 20 years in employee assistance and counseling, Jamie has garnered recognition as a best-selling author, sought-after speaker, coach, and facilitator for business and community groups nationwide.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Jamie holds degrees from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and the University of Nebraska at Omaha, underscoring her unwavering commitment to excellence. Her profound dedication to disseminating sound leadership strategies has propelled numerous teams to excel and contribute significantly to their respective organizations.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Jamie finds solace in the serenity of nature, indulging in pursuits such as golfing and capturing the splendor of sunrises and her beloved Labrador retrievers from her lakeside abode in Valley, Nebraska. With Jamie Hansen at the helm, success transcends mere aspiration—it becomes an assured reality.

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Hands on and class participation was excellent! Thank you!

Carter G

Facilitator was energetic, engaged and compelling. Great job!

John B.

Solid team buildling! I enjoyed the interaction with my work mates

Michael B.

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