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In the dynamic arena of communications training, consulting, and leadership development, our team emerges as a powerhouse of seasoned experts, each wielding a wealth of years in the field. Infused with a commitment to excellence, our diverse team boasts prestigious Maxwell Certification in Training, Speaking, and Coaching – a badge of honor reflecting our dedication to mastering the art and science of impactful communication and leadership. Our team brings a unique perspective on communication’s power in the public eye, delivering information with clarity and adapting seamlessly to diverse styles.
Notably, our roster includes seasoned corporate trainers immersed in the corporate landscape, offering practical insights into the communication challenges and leadership demands of today’s dynamic business environment. Together, we weave a tapestry of expertise, blending theoretical knowledge with real-world experiences to elevate workshops beyond the ordinary. We’re not just trainers; we’re your partners in unlocking the full potential of effective communication and leadership development. Trust in our proven track record and diverse skill set to catapult your workshops to unparalleled heights of success.

Expertise and Experience:

Our team, comprised of Maxwell Certified Trainers, former television reporters, and seasoned corporate trainers, offers a wealth of experience in communications training and leadership development. With years of expertise, we bring a diverse perspective to elevate your workshops.

Kristan Getsy

Don’t let her southern accent fool you. Kristan Getsy is an accomplished Kristan Getsy stands as a radiant expert in communications training, consulting, and leadership development, wielding a rich background as a TV reporter and two decades of entrepreneurial brilliance. Despite her charming Southern accent, Kristan is the definitive go-to authority for fostering cohesive teams through the art of communication. Her journey spans from radio and television to the helm of entrepreneurship, where she founded the award-winning multi-media company, Life’s Eyes Media, and Kristan Getsy Enterprises, a powerhouse in communications and leadership development.

Kristan, a captivating public speaker and prolific author currently working on multiple books, including “The Cussing Christian,” is not just a professional luminary but a beacon of warmth. Beyond her accolades, she embraces roles as a devoted wife and mother, spearheading adoption initiatives and non-profit organizations supporting special needs individuals and women in lower-socioeconomic environments. With a motto that echoes her essence— “For the love of God, lead and communicate!”—Kristan Getsy is the epitome of inspiration, offering transformative strategies for organizations seeking excellence in communication and leadership development.

Melannie O'Connor

Melannie is a dynamic strategic communication consultant and coach, with 20 years experience in media and crisis training for organizations large and small. Melannie began her communication career as a broadcast journalist, with 15 years experience in print, radio, online, and primarily–broadcast television news. She worked at network affiliates nationwide, as a producer, investigative reporter, and lead anchor. Melannie’s awards and honors include recognition from the Associated Press, the Radio and Television News Directors Association, and the Poynter Institute.

Now on the other side of the camera, Melannie supports global Fortune 500 companies, govern-mental agencies, and passionate nonprofits–all seeking to grow organizational and individual communication capability and effectiveness. Whether the media engagement is proactive or event-based; whether the crisis is operational and/or reputational; and whether a team is new or experienced, the fundamentals of media and crisis communication remain the same. Helping communicators leverage the most impactful strategies and tactics is paramount–and a privilege, for Melannie and her colleagues.

Cristian Martinez

Talk about well-rounded and real-world experience. Cristian Martinez has the “it” factor for engaging workshops. He’s renown for his high-performance coaching training high-performance non-dependent cultures that thrive in the midst of adversity and crisis. Through his brainchild, Leadership Legacy, a high-performance coaching organization, he helps teams, leaders and businesses thrive in the Health, Wealth and Relationship Industries.

Oh the impact: He’s helped multiple organizations win over 50 regional awards and 12 industry leading awards. His workshops produced impact in the Air Force, Essential Oils companies, Boeing, Click Funnels, Fitness/Healthcare experts, Engineers, software companies, coaches, entrepreneurs, overseas non-profit organizations, overseas humanitarian assignments. My vision is that every team member feels valued, is enthusiastic about coming to work and is focused on the success of their team.

Hanna Bauer

What a mission: Find and stay in your strength zone. Hanna Bauer helps teams, and their leaders improve organizational impact and fulfill human potential. The results manifest through increased morale and productivity.

Hanna’s sweet spot, through speaking, training, coaching and consulting , brings organizational awareness, systems revelations, and results-driven learning. She truly speaks to the HEART of each organization’s purpose and strategy. Her experience ranges from being a K-12 Educational Publisher, Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Maxwell Leadership Speaker, Trainer, Executive Coach, DISC Behavior Specialist and Consultant to a Malcolm Baldrige Examiner.

Hanna’s entrepreneurial and Non-profit endeavors have taken her to the local, state, and national levels of leadership. Her passion for innovation, impact and transformation drew her to serve and be elected to Chair various Boards of Directors including her present office as Chair of Ser Familia, Inc.

Butch Wardlaw

consultant, facilitator, and trainer with a profound commitment to enhancing leadership, communication, organization, and performance. As the founder and President of the Wardlaw Group, Inc., and President and Principal Owner of Vantage Human Resource Services, Inc., Butch has left an indelible mark on the realms of media, risk, and crisis communications, strategic planning, leadership development, and public/community involvement. His extensive career spans both the federal government and private sector, where he has contributed his expertise to over 40 distinct projects in fields such as public health/medical, energy, and the environment. Throughout his remarkable journey, Butch has consistently demonstrated versatility and leadership in various capacities, solidifying his reputation as a seasoned professional in communication strategy and organizational development.
Butch Wardlaw’s life-long dedication to helping others lead and perform more effectively has positioned him as a sought-after expert in group process facilitation, message strategies, and diverse leadership roles. His wealth of experience uniquely positions him as a guiding force in the dynamic landscape of communications and strategic planning.

Jamie Hansen

Meet Jamie Hansen, the visionary force behind Alloy Solutions, a trailblazing expert in leadership development and communications training. As the founder, Jamie’s journey from a successful counseling practice led to the creation of Alloy Solutions, where workplace relationship experts meld organizational savvy with unparalleled people skills. Known for empowering leaders to build, deepen, heal, and redeem relationships within their teams, Jamie’s 25 years of counseling and employee assistance expertise form the bedrock of Alloy’s mission to cultivate thriving cultures that maximize engagement and fuel growth.

Certified by Maxwell Leadership, Jamie is not just a trainer but a sought-after speaker and best-selling author, captivating audiences and business communities nationwide. A Licensed Professional Counselor with academic roots in psychology, she brings a unique blend of academic prowess and practical wisdom. Beyond her professional pursuits, Jamie finds solace in travel, conquering golf courses, and enjoying sunrise devotions with her Labrador retrievers at her lakeside home in Valley, Nebraska. Jamie Hansen is the catalyst for transformative leadership, seamlessly blending industry expertise with a profound understanding of the human dynamics that drive organizational success.

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